Aileron Edge assists airport managers in the development of long‐term master plans, and the selection and evaluation of potential new airport infrastructure to the preparation of schematic layout plans for specific airport facilities and the definition of immediate airport capital improvement programs.

Our approach to airport master planning recognises that plans must reflect the unique circumstances and concerns of airport management and the community the airport serves while achieving the right balance among aeronautical, environmental, and economic demands.

We address facility, environmental, financial, and management implications in an integrated way to arrive at plans that are imaginative, technically sound, and financially feasible. 

Services include

  • Master planning
  • Terminal planning
  • Parking and landside planning

  • Airfield planning
  • Technical due diligence
  • Capital infrastructure planning


As airports grow, so does increased demand for passenger services. Often this means more pressure to maximise the limited land to accommodate multiple modes of airport access, parking, ground transport, rental car facilities and support structures. Landside development also offers airports an opportunity for revenue generating facilities.

Services include

  • Access roads design
  • Arrivals/departure pathways and canopies
  • Parking facilities 
  • Parking revenue controls
  • Rental car facilities
  • Landscape design

  • Front of house and critical infrastucture protection measures
  • Signage and wayfinding
  • Traffic engineering
  • Infrastructure design
  • Stormwater management


Airside infrastructure from navigational aids to parking aprons often go unnoticed by the travelling public. However, proper design and maintenance of these systems are critical to accommodating increased capacity safely and efficiently. Dedicated to creating ground systems that will keep aircraft flying, Aileron Edge provides a full range of airfield planning, design and asset management services. During design, our specialists evaluate existing conditions, determine aircraft traffic, and use lifecycle cost analysis to determine the best option for improved capacity and long-lasting airfield pavement.

Services include

  • Runway, taxiway and apron design
  • Pavement management and rehabilitation
  • Runway safety areas
  • Gate layouts and aerobridge configuration
  • Geometric layouts  

  • Airfield lighting and power systems
  • Grading and drainage
  • Stormwater management
  • Utility infrastructure
  • Noise abatement


We provide a full range of project and construction management services to meet the growing demand from our airport clients for efficient and effective capital project delivery. Our primary task is to represent the interest of the owner throughout the project, and to manage the achievement of the project’s schedule, quality, and budgetary goals. We tailor the scope for each management assignment specifically for our clients and their project needs. Our management professionals have a wide range of experience in design-build, turnkey, and other innovative implementation strategies in addition to traditional project delivery approaches.

Services include

  • Project management
  • Program management
  • Construction management
  • Design and construct delivery
  • Bid analysis
  • Quality assurance/control 

  • Claims mitigation
  • Constructability review
  • Cost estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Safety oversight
  • Third party coordination

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